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Big News… I’m Relocating!




O’ahu has been my home for the last 5 years (I know, only 5 years?) yet I feel as if I have done the most growing up here than anywhere else. Hawai’i will always have a special place in my heart- but I knew someday I would leave this paradise and open a new chapter in life. In December of 2020, my husband and I will be relocating as my husband finishes up his college credits and interns for 3 months in a very special place. I am INCREDIBLY excited yet totally nervous to experience a brand new place I’ve never experienced before.

I have not yet announced where we are moving to (finalizing our plans with my husbands University is still in the works) but I intend to share this special news with everyone in June. I don’t want to keep this secret too long (I’m seriously dying on the inside to let you guys know so I can book some shoots in this magical place!) but in case things fall through with our original plan, I don’t want to get overly excited about anything- lol!

That being said, if you live here in Hawai’i, 2020 is your last year to book with me! The remainder of my year I’ve committed the majority of my time to focus on photography- yes, this is becoming a FULL TIME GIG BABY! Let’s book anything you want. I’m committed to making the remainder of 2020 all about capturing YOUR MOMENTS.