May 20, 2020

Malu: By Tauivi Designs

“Ceres Tia Kuki Esera ⠀
Daughter of Naturu Iakopo Esera & Mary Jane Esera⠀

When asked to share how she feels about her culture, her family, and receiving her Malu..⠀

“My dad always wanted his kids to have a strong sense of identity. That no matter what happened or where we were in the world, we were always rooted in culture. My decision to get a malu was difficult, complex, and a long time coming. I see it as the ultimate representation of Fa’asamoa. It means you’re not an individual, but rather a part of the whole. You’re taking on the responsibility to serve Heavenly Father, your family, and the whole Samoan community. It withstood colonization and Christianity, and is something you carry with you everyday. So I wear it now and am never alone. I carry my family, ancestors, and culture etched into my skin.”

Malu: By Tauivi Designs is a truly beautiful cultural shoot organized by the talented @tauivi_ and good friend of mine, Tehina. Tehina designed this whole shoot around the idea of displaying Kukui’s malu.