May 17, 2020

Human Connection: By Tauivi Designs

Any chance I get to create with Tehina (@tauivi_ on Instagram) is chance I take and run with. Tehina never fails to envision and create a beautiful masterpiece that depicts her Samoan heritage- and lucky for me, I get to tag along and help bring her concepts to life.

Cultural shoots is something I’ve been really passionate about since my first cultural shoot I put together back in 2017. I’ve decided to share more of this passion on my website, in hopes it will inspire other creators.

“Being connected is a basic human need that we’ve been nurtured with since birth. Today, the world our children will now experience is changing. That connection outside of the safety of their home has changed. The human connection has taught us how to forge bonds, long & brief relationships that mold our character. Often times it is the source of true well being. ⠀
My hope is when the safety nets are brought down, that our children can continue to make these vital connections through life. That they learn just as I have, how important we are to the lives of those we have and will connect with.”

A HUGE MAHALO to Tauivi Designs for teaming up with me to create beautiful art. I am soaking up every minute we have left together here in Hawai’i.