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How should we prep for our session?

Can you edit/retouch my body on Photoshop?

I always recommend to prepare to not be on time, but EARLY! Plan for at least 15 minutes of cushion time when heading to your session. Traffic here in Hawai'i is as unpredictable as the weather; so come early + get hyped up! We'll start our session relaxed and ready to go rather than rushing and racing against the light!

Photoshop is an amazing tool with endless potential! That being said, if I ever use PS (which is on the rare occasion) I use it purely for creative/landscape correction purposes. I believe our bodies are beautiful + perfect in every shape, size and color! Which is why I choose to honor the authenticity of my clients bodies.



How to know I am the best fit for you!

Do you give out RAW images? Can we pick out our images?

Please please PLEASE make sure you can completely trust me to take care of you! I am confident in my creative and professional capabilities- but please make sure you've been able to review a good amount of my work to make sure you love everything I do. My edits + style can change depending on the locations, time of day, weather, etc.

I do not, under any circumstances, provide RAW images! The art + vision that goes into my work lies 50% within the editing portion. When editing your gallery, I handpick the best images to edit and give to you. But have no worries, I only pick the best of the best for you!

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Can you travel for sessions, elopements + weddings?

What should we wear? And where should we shoot?

I'll say it once and I'll say it again- wear what you feel comfortable + confidence in! That comfort + confidence will show up in your photos. I always recommend neutrals + earthy tones. And I have TONS of location recommendations I can give! I'll ask you what vibe you're going for (beach, greenery, etc.) and we'll go from there!

Absolutely, positively! I often fly to the outer islands for sessions, but I have also flown to the mainland for weddings + sessions as well! I require travel, accommodation + transportation to be covered on top of the service fee. Ask me about travel + we can get more in depth about it!



We're awkward! And nervous about knowing how to pose.

Are you flexible to reschedule if weather is less than ideal?

First off, EVERYONE thinks they're awkward. Let me tell you now, I've never shot an awkward couple! I am very "bossy" (for lack of better words) and will guide you along the entire session. I am very experienced in working with all types of couples + totally understand the nerves that come with being in front of the camera. Trust + believe, I'll tell you everything you need to know and we'll have some laughs along the way!

I love to shoot in any + every type of weather! I've done it all too- rainstorms, wind storms, you name it. "Bad" weather has ended up providing some of my best work! BUT- I will go with what you're comfortable with! If you're down, I'm down. If you're unsure, I'm flexible! I will always go with what you're comfortable with.