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My name is Kaila Key, and I am a 22 year old O’ahu based photographer. I am happily married to my best friend and Number 1 Supporter. In April, 2019 I graduated from Brigham Young University Hawaii with a degree and license in Elementary Education, a minor in Communications and a certificate in Special Education- you could say I like to keep myself busy! If there’s one thing I enjoy capturing more than people, it’s Mother Nature. I have a weakness for sunsets, mountains, monstera leaves, the ocean, and everything we’re privileged with on God’s Green Earth.

Quickly after my studies, I realized as much as I enjoyed the classroom environment, nothing got my heart racing and my blood pumping as much as the pressure to capture a moment perfectly did. I know- I used to be the type of person where I would totally crack under that amount of pressure! But this pressure fuels my fire. It gets my creative juices flowing. It became the rush that I thought about every. Single. Day.




Why Photography?

For some, photography is about a peak wedding season. It’s about getting featured in magazines, on famous social media accounts, or on an influencer’s page.

For me, it has been my place in the world. It’s been the thing I never get sick of doing, the thing that picks me up when I’m down. It’s my story teller and my voice. There have always been things I’ve enjoyed doing, but when I picked up my first camera I knew I found my calling. Since 2016 (yes, only three years ago!) photography has become my world and I work harder and harder to be the photographer I want to become every single day. I aim for authenticity, standing out and creating original work.

My work is more than work- it is my art, my passion and my voice in the world. Welcome to my world.

Much Love,

-Kaila Key