August 11, 2020

Oahu Cactus Garden Couples Shoot

Oahu has waterfalls, beaches, mountains, forests, and everything else that you can think of. But was a cactus garden one of the things you thought of? No? Didn’t think so, lol!

Yes that’s right, Oahu is also home to this beautiful location. This Oahu cactus garden couples shoot was everything and MORE! Lauren is a fellow talented photographer relocating to Virginia and her sweet boyfriend Timm was stationed here just a year ago. As they prepare to move across the country, Lauren booked a Simplicity Session with me. I personally feel like getting booked by another photographer is the BIGGEST compliment! I was so flattered when she chose my services out of all the talent this island holds.

Lauren gave me full creative control and I took off with it. After this session, I’m thoroughly convinced that all of my clients need to dye their hair the same color as the flowers + bushes I stick them in- LOL! Look how gorgeous her vibrant hair is next to the beautiful colors of this cactus garden! Seriously grateful I got to capture these beautiful smiling faces before they start a new chapter of their life.